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Antioxidant/Alkaline Filter & Jug

Rebalance the acidic pressures of modern day life. Earth’s water was once more alkaline. Phwatr returns your tap, bottled or any potable water to the optimum pH level you were designed to drink.

Refresh by super hydrating like never before bio- transformed phwatr is easier for your body to absorb.

Revive your level of vitality with time tested natural energy from the water you drink every day. Using proven technology phwatr adds antioxidant capabilities to your water through an organic mineral rich process that replicates Mother Earth.

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BPA Free, Approximate capacity 1.5 Litres, Approximate weight .7kg.


Produces antioxidant, alkaline water, fits Brita water jugs, produces 300 litres, replaces up to 600 bottles of water (500ml) lasts up to 2 months , BPA Free.

Upon initial use, wash your jug with warm soapy water. Upon initial use, wash your jug with warm soapy water. Be sure not to overfill the filtration reservoir as unfiltered water may run into the handle. The Flipper on the tip of the lid is meant to keep air out and the water fresh. When inserting the filter into the jug, remove the filtration insert, holding it in one hand, securely twist the filter down into the chamber. Replace the insert, attach the lid and fill the jug through the cut-out on top. If the lid is not firmly in position, remove lid and pull the insert up. The lid should secure tightly.

Before inserting philtr shake three times. Insert the philtr securely and fill the jug with potable water. Rinse three times then enjoy.


shake – agiter


insert – insérer


rinse – rincer


enjoy – apprécier

If no water flows, remove philtr, shake gently and reinsert into pitcher. If water flows too quickly, make sure philtr is securely twisted into reservoir casing. Litmus paper cannot be used to measure water pH, use pH test reagent. The water produced by this philtr is not meant to diagnose or treat any health conditions. Use only safe potable drinking water. Assembled in Canada from Imported Components.

LED Timer

  • Jug LED Timer – Programmed for 60 Days – recommeded life of the phwatr philtr
  • Features: Day countdown from 60 Days and shows percentage from 100 to 0
  • To activate: Simply hold down SET button for up to 8 seconds – 60 days will appear. Count down will automatically start. By way of example, 100% is a new filter, 50% is halfway through.
  • To reset, hold SET button down for 3 seconds.

Ensuring Your Lid Fits Securely

  1. Before installing your filter. remove clear insert from the Jug
  2. In one hand, hold the insert, with the other hand, securely twist filter into slot
  3. Gently drop insert with inserted filter into jug
  4. Place lid securely on top of jug
  • Note, the lid locks into insert, if insert is pushed down into jug, it will not fit
Drinking, cooking, sports hydration, college dorms, B&Bs, travel, gifts.

Residential Filtration System

Feed water first enters the pre-filter which reduces chlorine and suspended particles. The filtered water then flows through the automatic shut-off valve and enters the reverse osmosis membrane where the permeate (pure water) passes through and the waste water goes to the drain.

This highly purified water produced by the membrane flows, via the other side of the automatic shut-off valve, through a Doulton ceramic cartridge (certified by the removal of microbiological contaminants such as E. coli and Salmonella). Thereafter, the water passes slowly through pH boosting/alkalizing media and a post-carbon polishing filter before entering the pressurized storage tank.

Water drawn from the faucet is pure, re-mineralized, highly alkaline and bears anti-oxidant properties evidenced by a negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) typically in the -100 to -200 range.

SpecificsAvailable OptionsMaintenance

Reverse osmosis unit – 19”H x 6”D x 14”W

Storage Tank – 3 Gallon Capacity 10”W x 12”W

75 gallon/day water production

Rejection (of TDS) up to 99%

pH increase up to 10.0

Adjustable pH settings

Larger Storage Tank

This schedule is designed for the average potable water supply and should be followed to ensure the proper functioning of your drinking water system.

Carbon Pre-Filter – Replace every 12 months

Membrane – Test annually and replace when the membrane no longer consistently removes at least 75% of the Total Dissolved Solids.

Ceramic Filter – Handled properly this cartridge should never need to be replaced. It can be cleaned repeatedly as required.

High pH Cartridge – Test pH regularly and replace when readings are consistently below 9.0. Depending on family size and use, this cartridge is expected to last from 1-3 years.

Carbon Post Filter – Replace every 12 to 24 months (or if unpleasant or stale taste occurs)

Storage Tank – Repressurize to 7 psi annually (or as needed).

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